The Nicaraguan hammock

Published: 21st September 2011
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The small Central American country of Nicaragua produces what might well be considered the world's most luxurious style of hammock, as well as the most beautiful. This hammock uses a double sprang-woven style similar to that of the Mexican Mayan hammock, but with the use of thicker strings and additional density. This weaving style provides a heavy and luxurious feel, similar to that of a luxury sedan. The Nicaraguan is a longer hammock than the Mayan, and obtains some of its luxury feel from its longer "wheel base". Although it can be stretched out to a considerable width, the double sprang weaving tends to keep it more compact, and gives a tremendously springy feel to the hammock. This produces a feel of instant comfort for day or night use.

In Nicaragua, hammock making is frequently a village affair, as all facets of the product are handmade. The twine used is hand twisted from local cotton, using a method of rotating the threads against the resistance of a small sledge piled with rocks. Rocks are added and removed to keep the proper tension on the string. Then the strings are hand loomed to the proper size for the bed, and finished with the crowning glory, the crochet fringe. This crochet border is beautiful, and can be useful as a convenient coverlet.

By night or day the couple’s or family size hammocks are reputed to be the hammocks of choice for the pursuit of amour! They are ornate and decorative, which might explain their increasing popularity with sophisticated interior designers and savvy homemakers. Used indoors they can add incredible drape and softness to break up a room’s angularity. This makes them an ideal tool in Feng Shui as well as a practical solution to the need for an extra couch or resting place.

Sizing follows the traditions prevalent throughout Central America. Smaller sizes such as the single and the truckers’ hammock allow napping for one person, or sleeping for smaller sized adults and children. The couple’s size, sometimes known as the Matrimonial, is generally comfortable for one sizable person, or cozy for a couple. The real luxury sizes are the Wedding Hammock and the Family hammock, which are woven with very large beds, and in the case of the Family hammock, are also quite long.

Generally the Nicaraguan hammocks are too long to use in hammock stands, and should be installed into walls, posts, or from trees. They will add grace and comfort far in excess of their generally modest price.

About author :- Author Tom Sloane has devoted years to the study and development of improved hammocks, and countless thousands of hours in the testing of Nicaraguan hammocks. Visit Seaside Hammocks where your host, Tommy Hamaca, will guide you to the perfect hammock for home or garden.

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